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Safer Injecting - What You Need to Know

Thanks to Mr.McDougall, Outreach Worker at Exchange Works - Needle Exchange Program who sent us this link. "How to reduce your risk from steroid use by safer injecting".

The whole of the information can be found by clicking here. Below you will find a few highlights:-

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Steroid Use - Reducing your Risk

Safer Injecting - What You need To Know 

  • This advice is for people who choose to inject steroids. It outlines the things you need to do to take some of the risk out of injecting. 

Aseptic Injection 
Aseptic Injecting is a way of injecting that reduces your risk of getting an infection from shooting up. It helps to avoid becoming infected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV... continued

The Syringe 
The only safe thing is to use a new syringe for every injection... continued

The Vial 
Vials with rubber caps will have bacteria on them. Swab the rubber cap with a new alcohol swab to reduce contamination of the needle and the steroid inside... continued

The Needle 
Always use a clean needle every time you inject. Never share your needles or borrow needles from anyone... continued

The Water 
When using water to dissolve steroid tablets to inject or for cleaning vials and syringes, if at all possible use sterile water... continued 

Cleaning Needles & Syringes 
Cleaning is not 100% safe. If you can't get a new syringe or needle, you can clean out an old one, but there is no guarantee that any cleaning method will be 100% effective. The best practice if you are forced to use an old syringe or needle is to use one of your own... continued


Will first appear as a reddish swelling which may feel hot to the touch... continued 

Dirty Hits  
Are caused by injection of foreign substances into your blood stream, e.g., dirt off a vial, loose hair etc... continued 

Is blood poisoning, caused by bacteria in the blood stream?.. continued

Read the complete information  by clicking here.

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