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S.A.N. Fierce Review by Matt C.

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S.A.N. Fierce Review by Matt Canning

I got my samples of "Fierce" by S.A.N nutrition at the 2007 Mr. Olympia weekend in Las Vegas. My experience there was incredible and I got more review material there than I ever got anywhere before. I am always eager to try out new NO products since they give a psychological edge that truly does intensify workouts. When I have such an edge, I feel more motivated than ever to have a strong workout and beyond that, I feel motivated to eat a proper diet, rest accordingly, and follow all other aspects related to making consistent gains in bodybuilding. So while NO products may not exactly be anabolic like supplements such as creatine, they give a psychological edge which manifests in all other areas of bodybuilding - at least for me.

There is a lot to the Fierce product and some of it goes over my head a little since I haven't formally researched some of the ingredients in the matrix. It contains creatine and offers increased strength and endurance. These are all big claims, but from my experience, NO based products do tend to deliver! I found Fierce to be no exception.


This is the category where I find that just about every NO product fails miserably in. The reality is that NO products are not meant to be taken in a drink formula! It seems convenient, mainly because NO pills are very big - generally around the same size as large antibiotic pills also known as "horse pills". Not only that, it is usually required that three of those large pills are consumed as one pre-workout dose, and it is also recommended to take as many of three doses per day! That is a lot to swallow (literally) and I can see where the demand for NO drink mixes come in, but I have yet to try an NO product which I actually enjoyed drinking other than NO XPLODE. Most of them are quite horrible tasting and almost reprehensible to taste even. Fierce by S.A.N was not great tasting by any means, but not as bad tasting as some of the other NO products I've tried, such as "Fast Twitch" by CytoSport. Fierce by S.A.N is slightly above average as far as NO products go when it comes to taste but that really isn't saying much since they are almost all torturous to drink.


Like most NO drink mixes, Fierce was grainy to taste but otherwise mixed well. It also left a cloud at the top of the glass, which is also typical amongst NO drinks. Overall, it was exactly what I expected in this area and gave me no real problems there.


I had no problems digesting Fierce. It was quite easy on the stomach which is also something I find pretty normal amongst NO drinks - generally speaking, I never have problems with supplements of any kind, NO products included.


I had a very good workout using Fierce by S.A.N. The pump was pretty good and I lifted a good amount of weight during my workout. I went up to 745 pounds on the leg press for reps using very good form. My goal is to lift 1,000 pounds for reps with good form on this exercise, which is a pretty solid lift. I only did leg presses and leg extensions during my workout, finishing off with a drop set on the leg extension machine. I had previously performed reps using the entire stack on the leg extension machine.

Overall Review:

Overall this was a very good NO product and I will definitely use it again. It wasn't as bad tasting as other NO products, and offers a lot in its matrix other than simply NO. It delivers what it promises and I will probably always use NO products in my workouts, if not every workout, at least in any workout that I want to rip the head off of! They always help me to achieve my maximum intensity as well as awesome pumps. I would recommend Fierce by S.A.N for anyone who likes to try a variety of NO products or for anyone who is looking for NO mixed with other bodybuilding ingredients as well.

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S.A.N. Fierce S.A.N. Fierce: 850 Grams
Retail Price: $64.95 Our Price: $37.89

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