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Selling Gear to Kids?

Recently we received an email from a worried and concerned parent. The reason I wanted to share this email with you is simply because it gave us the opportunity to explain exactly what this site stands for. Sometimes you can so caught up with working on the site that it takes a concerned email like this just to remind you exactly why you are doing this, and what the real point of the site is!!

Here's the details:- 

Email Received:

Subject: Re: Selling gear to kids..?

To whom it may concern,

I just found a copy of this on my desktop. It appears to be a receipt for a purchase made not minutes ago. Below is a copy of the email I found.

ClickBank Receipt: XXXXXXXX

You or a person in your household just used ClickBank to
make an online purchase. Your credit card bill will show
a one-time $35.00 charge by "CLICKBANK/KEYNETICS"....


ClickBank Customer Service

This purchase was made by my under age son with out my permission. Not only are steroids illegal, but I work for a local law enforcement agency, and I am very upset about this. My son is going to be punished for using my credit card without permission.

The amount charged to my credit card is to be refunded and this membership is to be canceled or I will take legal action. Steriods are illegal and a site like this is wrong, especially when teenagers can access it. 

I await your response.

(Name Removed)

--- Response

Subject: Re: Selling gear to kids..?


As a father I understand and share your concerns and worries about your son. These worries and concerns are the precise reason that this site exists.

If you would please allow me a minute to demonstrate this.

1) Firstly we absolutely DO NOT sell steroids. In fact the disclaimer on the first page of our site clearly states the following:

"We do not condone the illegal use or sale of anabolic steroids or of any drug. Legalities regarding anabolic/androgenic steroids, growth hormone, and any other performance related or prescripted drug varies from state, province or country. If these drugs are illegal according to the laws governing you, don't engage in their use."

2) An independent review of your site by Muscle Mag (see sites front page) stated the following:

"Moral objections aside, imparting information is the best way to prevent mishaps and educate the masses for intelligent use rather than haphazard abuse. This is a highly educational and responsible vehicle for education, not a cavalier fuck you to the legal system. That's refreshing"

3) On this page you can see a little more about the site owners opinions on steroid use: 

... and here are a few lines from that page:

"We must stress that we absolutely DO NOT advise or recommend anybody to use anabolic steriods. Be aware that you are playing with your body chemistry, and that can carry with it obvious consequences"

4) Here we provide information about steroid side effects: CLICK HERE 

5) We provide real life true stories of steroid use. Make sure that your son reads this. CLICK HERE This is a terrifying story of steroid use.

6) We are very proud to say that the board moderators on our discussion board have correctly advised hundreds of teenagers AGAINST the use of steroids.

Steroid use as a teenager is particularly dangerous as the body is not yet full developed and your son needs to understand the serious consequences this can bring.

I hope I have been able to demonstrate that our site is a "responsible vehicle". We are trying to address a very serious issue - "steroid use" - not by ignoring it but by providing impartial information that will help people make more intelligent decisions.

Yes we do offer links to web sites that supply steroids. Not because we promote steroid use. But because we know that people will order online anyway, and we offer these knowing that they won't get ripped off, or much worse sold fake and highly dangerous steroids - which caused the horror story above: CLICK HERE 

This story could have been your son and it could have been mine. This is what we hope to help address here.

We hope to show young people why they should not use steroids, and offer a resource whereby anyone who has decided to use steroids at least gets good advice so that they do not end up with fake and dangerous gear, or taking doseages that are too high, etc etc.

None of the sites team are teenagers, they are all mature adults, and most are fathers. The health and welfare of teenagers is important to everyone connected to this site.

I do not agree with you that this site is wrong. This site intelligently and maturely addressing a problem created by todays society.

To point the finger at sites like ours and other similar responsible sites is not correct.

Regarding the return of your $35. I have forwarded an email to the sites support team to deal with this.

As for your son, assure yourself that he reads this story CLICK HERE

I hope to have answered your email.

Regards on behalf of the
The Team

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