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Is Steroid Encyclopaedia for Real or is it a Scam? Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by Is Steroid Encyclopaedia for Real or is it a Scam?

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Is Steroid Encyclopaedia for Real or is it a Scam?

This is a question we get asked a lot. The answer is
obvious, to us at least. But it always makes you think...

...Do people really think this site is a scam?

If you are not yet a member of Steroid Encyclopaedia it may
well be that you simply are skeptical about joining. After
all nobody wants to risk their hard earned cash and run the
risk of being scammed without having some kind of
protection.... right??

Each week without fail we receive a whole bunch of emails
from people asking us if we are a scam, (by the way do
people who are running scams actually email back and say
"Ahh yes, you caught us out, we are a scam, thanks for

So the very best way to answer that is to put your money
where your mouth is. And we have.

When you join as a member you are 100% protected. We take
ALL the risk for you.

A Steroid Encyclopaedia membership comes with a 100% Zero
Risk, No Questions Asked, Money Back GUARANTEE.

If at any point during your membership you want a refund,
you simply send us an email and we return your cash NO

This is the ONLY site of it's kind that offers you that
level of protection.

Besides the ever present "Are you a scam?" question, we get
a bunch of other similar ones, so...

...I have spent some time looking at other questions we have
received by email, with (not so???) obvious answers.

I decided to put them together here - just in case you were
thinking the same or had the same doubts.

Some of these questions are close to (or have probably
crossed right over) the border of total paranoia, but here
they are...

Other (not so) Obvious Questions in this Email:-

1. Are you for real or is this a scam?
2. Are you a Government Agency?
3. How do I know I can trust you with my credit card
4. I cannot access your site. Your site has been down for
months or am I doing something wrong?
5. You have spelt "encyclopaedia" incorrectly.
6. Are my personal details safe?
7. Is your site legal. Can I get into trouble by joining?
8. How do I know you won't rip me off?
9. How do I know the testimonials are real?
10. Can you sell me weed/marijuana?
11. Can I find the information you have in the members area
elsewhere on the 'net for free?
12. Isn't it illegal to buy steroids?
13. Do you recommend that I take anabolic steroids?


Q. Are you for real or is this a scam?

A. Thanks for such a fabulous question. You have stopped me
dead in my tracks.

Actually I'm not sure how to completely put your mind at
ease. I'd never even thought that anyone could consider us a

To answer your question, we are totally genuine, and have
lots of testimonials from happy members (and of course
MuscleMag) that prove it.

See the testimonials at:-


Q. Are you a Government Agency?

A. No, we are a small team of normal guys who have the good
fortune to be making a living by providing you with
information about something we love - Bodybuilding.

You been watching too much television my friend :-)


Q. How do I know I can trust you with my credit card

A. We do not handle your payments personally. We use a third
party payment handler - Clickbank - to handle ALL payments.

They are one of the Internet's biggest payment handlers.
Their server is a state of the art secure server. You can
take a look for yourself at their web site

There you can read their security guarantee, legal info etc.

Joining us as safe as it gets!!!


Q. I cannot access your site. Your site has been down for

A. You have been using the incorrect URL (web address).

Our site is


(The second link is spelt with "e" and not "ae".)

We are absolutely NOT associated with the second link. This
site belongs to the owners of,
(these are the same people who own and
several other sites) who are attempting to trick you and
cash in on our good name.

They are actually pretending to be us, sad people !!!!

We have lawyers on the case, although we prefer to spend our
time and resources helping our members instead of pursuing
sad people.


Q. You have spelt "encyclopaedia" wrong.

A. We use the same spelling as the EncyclopaediaBritannica.
The word is derived from Latin and the original and correct
spelling is with "ae".

There is a purely American spelling with just the "e", but
as we serve a global market we decided to use the "ae"


Q. Are my personal details safe?

A. Yes. Completely. We NEVER disclose any personal
information to anyone.


Q. Is your site legal. Can I get into trouble by joining?

A. Steroid Encyclopaedia is 100% legal. We simply provide
you with top class information.

No you cannot get into any legal problems by joining. Laws
vary from country to country, if in doubt and you want to
read more about legalities, take a look at -
Written by Rick Collins, a qualified Lawyer.

They even provide a link to us and describe us as
a..."Powerhouse site with tons and tons of steroid-related


Q. How do I know you won't rip me off?

A. When you pay you get access to the site. Payments are
handled by - not by us.

You can see exactly what you get by taking a membership for
a test drive:-

If you like what you see, that's exactly what you get as a

Besides that one of our main concerns is to STOP YOU getting
ripped off. Did you know that there are literally hundreds
of people on the Internet who are "supposedly" selling
either steroids or steroid information - but whose only goal
is to take your money and run.

Using us protects you from this kind of risk. Our supplier
section is the best example of this.

If you have not seen it lately go take a look:-


Q. How do I know the testimonials are real?

A. We have hundreds of testimonials on file, but on the site
we only use those that have the members email with it, so
that they can be verified. If in doubt email the member.

Besides that we also received a maximum rating from
MuscleMag International. We have it on the first page of our
site. You can double check that for yourself by buying the
Sept 2000 issue of MuscleMag.


Q. Can you sell me weed/marijuana?

A. No. We sell access to top class anabolic steroid
information, and absolutely NOTHING else.


Q. Can I find the information you have in the members area
elsewhere on the 'net for free?

A. There is no doubt that there is a lot of free information
on the Internet, although the quality is always

Mainly you will find outdated cycles and profiles. As far as
we know NOBODY who has the latest information "gives" it
away for free.

Besides that we offer an outstanding supplier section, top
quality personal support etc etc

Take a look at everything what you get as a member here:-

You CANNOT get all of that free anywhere. We know what it
takes to run this site, (we are a small team who do nothing
else) and no-one could do what we do for free.

A yearly membership works out at $6.25 per month. That is
outstanding value. About the same price as a nice steak, or
a couple of beers, one entry to the cinema, an energy drink
and a small protein bar, etc etc etc..... You get the


Q. Isn't it illegal to buy steroids?

A. The law tends to vary greatly from state to state and
from country to country. You should be fully aware of the
legal status where you live before you consider doing
anything that may be illegal.

To give you a couple of examples of how the law varies...

...DHEA is readily available in the USA yet illegal to sell
in most European countries...

...Another example. Andro is not recognized as an anabolic
steroid in the United States, but it is considered an
illegal steroid in Canada.

Mark McGwire admitted that he used androstenedione (andro)
on the way to setting baseball's single-season home
run record. Yet he wasn't kicked out of the league or
stripped of his achievement and did not face any legal
charges because the use of andro (what some people call a
dietary supplement and not a steroid - depending in which
country you live in) is permitted in professional baseball
but banned in other sports.

In any case we are NOT lawyers, your duty is to inform
yourself. Of course you should not do anything illegal.


Q. Do you recommend that I take anabolic steroids?

A. No. 100% absolutely NO. We have never and will never
recommend that anyone take steroids. We simply provide
information. We do not promote steroid use. Steroids "can"
seriously and irreversibly damage your health.

Read our ezine and see other info on the site which takes
about the dangers of steroid use.

We offer information relating to all aspects of steroid use,
including the most serious of consequences.

Our site contains much information about steroid use simply
because we know that despite the obvious dangers many
people, (ourselves included), WILL choose to use steroids,
and we simply want to provide the most complete, impartial
information possible so that we can all avoid mistakes and
side effects etc. understand more fully our impartial stance.


Q. Do I get a book when I join?

A. No. You get access to the members section of the site.
You can see everything you will find in the site here:-

or you can take a membership for a test drive here:-


Maybe this section has answered a few questions or doubts
you may have had. Don't forget that you can always take a
membership for a testdrive to see exactly what you get and
of course this is the ONLY site that offers a full 100%
satisfaction guaranteed, money back guarantee !!!


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