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Soldier in Court for Using Steroids: SE Opinion Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by Soldier in Court for Using Steroids: SE Opinion

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Check out this article I found online. The see our opinion below...

A DECORATED Australian soldier has admitted to taking banned anabolic steroids to improve his chances of gaining a spot in the Special Air Service (SAS).

Brisbane-based Sergeant Darren Arthur Thompson pleaded guilty today to possessing several tablets of Dianobol which is also known as "The Breakfast of Champions" after top athletes were caught taking the drug.

The steroid which hit the market in 1960 is capable of boosting weight by several kilograms a week.

Thompson, 31, owned up to possessing the tablets on December 23 last year after police went to his Clayfield home on Brisbane's northside on another matter.

Brisbane's Magistrates Court was told today that Thompson, who won an exemplary conduct medal for service in East Timor, had five tablets in his cupboard.

Thompson, who has served 14 years in the Australian Defence Force infantry battalion, was promoted to sergeant after serving in East Timor where he sustained knee injuries and an arthritic condition in his ankle.

The court was told Thompson admitted to taking Dianobol to assist his injuries and enhance his physical and muscular capabilities.

His lawyer Bob Brewer told the court Thompson felt "foolish" for taking the steroids but was keen to gain a spot in the SAS regiment.

"A conviction would seriously inhibit or prevent his ambition to become part of the elite SAS regiment," he said.

The court was also told Thompson performed several community services, including voluntary surf lifesaving at Point Lookout and fund-raising in shopping centres for the Royal Childrens' Hospital in Brisbane.

Brisbane Magistrate Jim Herlihy fined Thompson $500 and gave him five months to pay the fine. No conviction was recorded.

SE opinion:

Amazing. Truly amazing the public and legal system of any country can be so fucking stupid. Athletes take anabolic steroids and we give them gold medals, millions of dollars and make heroes out of them...

... and here's a REAL hero, a decorated soldier, who has more than likely risked his very life to save others and protect his country. A guy who does fund raising and voluntary work.

Yet those fools embarrass him and his family by dragging him through court for taking steroids. Fucking hell he was taking them partly to assist the injuries he got whilst in action. Can someone please explain where the crime is. Is this man a danger to society? A criminal? Isn't the legal system supposed to punish criminals?

This man is a bloody hero. And let's look at this from another angle. Personally I have to say that I think ALL soldiers SHOULD take steroids.

Hell we have better weapons, faster planes, bigger warships etc. to have the edge on the enemy. Doesn't it makes sense to have bigger, better, faster, stronger soldiers with faster recovery time and all the rest of the benefits of intelligent steroid use?

Personally I would feel happier to know that the troops who defend me, my family and my country were all on steroids. If we are going to give them to the damned Olympic team to win a few medals, then hell, stick the troops on them as well !!

And just as an aside...

Can someone do a drugs test on women tennis players. Fucking hell the women are twice as big as the guys used to be. Anyone remember Bjorg, McEnroe and Connors, they were half the size of the Williams sisters.

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