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Matt Canning

Matt Canning, Webmaster

I recently received an e-mail from a person who suffered the tragedy recently of losing her husband. She felt the cause of death was due to prolonged use of steroids and supplements. While I don't necessarily agree with this conclusion (in large part due to not having enough information about his health prior to use of the steroids and other pertinent information), the e-mail did once again remind me of the dangers which can come from prolonged use of drugs, whether it be steroids or something else.

I will put my comments in plain text, with comments from the person e-mailing me in red text. I leave the comments in their original, unedited form:

My husband at the age of 24 just died on June 26 from guess what prolong use of STEROIDS and SUPPLEMENTS ! "HOGWASH" ,I on the other hand think not ! Yeah he looked damn good and was very proud of his body ,but how good do you think i thought he looked lifeless crammed in a casket because he was too big to fit ! He's been gone a month now,i don't know how to go on without him{but i have to for my kids} My life and those who loved him are changed forever.We also have two very good friends diagnosed with cancer the last four months and guess what they think it's from the Steroids! You can say what you want to:to sale what you want to but dying from steroids is becoming a real epidemic!

Actually, no scientific studies have shown that steroid use increases the prevalence of any chronic diseases.

Athletes get chronic diseases. Steroid using athletes get chronic diseases. Regular people get chronic diseases. The rates aren't any different between the three groups.

May I ask if your husband was abusing steroids? As well, what was the cause of death? I understand these are personal questions, but as a point, not much research has been done on steroid ABUSE. The studies generally focus on the use.

24 is too young to go. I hope things go well for you.

- Matt

Matt,he had been using for the last four years cycling on and off but mostly on.The time we've been together which has been the last 2 1/2 yrs.i can't remember when he wasn't cycling it always seemed as if he were running a cycle of something{sustanate,enenthate,propenate,deca,Dbal,anadrol,suspension,clinbuterol}he wasn't takin all these at the same time its just some of the names i can remember him takin.On top of that there was his daily use of ephedrin{mini thins}and then something he order from one of the sources on the internet.He was also takin something for the side effects the steroids were having on him like something for losing his hair it was an oral and another oral for the gyno he was developing.I know in my heart that it was the use of all this that took my D.M.,i didn't need any Drs. to tell me that but in May when he had some sort of seizure or heart attack they did suggest it was from the steroids he was down for 35 mins. that time and almosr died then.When i found him that time he should've died the Drs. said i hit him so hard in the chest that it jolted his heart i continued to hit him til we got to a fire dept where they took over.They got him bagged and to the hospital,we were told if he came out of the coma he was in he would probably have brain damage but he didn't he had developed Rhabdomyolysis{a disorder that causes your skeletal muscles to breakdown they turn into a toxic fluid and gets into you circulatory system}He was told not to go back into the gym until we had some specific heart test done we were suppose to travel to Fl.the week he died to get the test done.I think he walked out of the hospital more hard headed than ever because 2 1/2 weeks later he was back in the gym."Bigorexic" once these guys start juicing their whole body image changes they may look really good to everyone else but to themselves they're still small.Had he stopped going to the gym I think he still would have died because the lasting effects that steroids do to your heart can never be reversed I'm really thankful he died at home in my arms and not by himself somewhere or while he was driving.I didn't mean to ramble on i hope i answered your question.

P.M. - I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Yes, I do feel steroids contributed. While I don't believe steroids directly caused his heart problems, I think there were other things which did - for one, it is very hard on the body to be large and muscular like your husband probably was - this is not much different than being obese. As well, your husband probably trained hard and heavy and this is not very good for the arteries. Also, ephedrine and clenbuterol are very hard on the heart if overused.

It is so sad to hear about your loss which may have been prevented. I don't know how you're able to go on without him. I don't think I could do it in your shoes.

I should spend more time writing about the safety of steroids on my website. I think it's very important.

I would like to keep in touch with you. Maybe I could use your e-mails (anonymously of course) on my site to discuss the hazards of steroid use.

- Matt

Dear Matt,I know it's late but i don't get much sleep these days.I'm hanging in there of course because thats what he would want me to do .I also know that he would want me talk about this as much as i can because he knows its a healing process for me,and also i know he had began to somewhat understand himself that the steroids were to blame for alot of the difficulties he had been having recently.He actually quit using almost everything except for some kind of test over the last 8 months and possibly some ephedrin when he was at school.I know that he scribbled on a pad in may the day after he was admitted to the hospital that he had used some clenbuterol that day in paticular its something that he hadn't used in a while.D.M. wasn't just any average bodybuilder before he ever started using steroids he researched everything that he was gonna be putting in his body he knew absolutely everything that was in everything down to the last drop if anyone around our town had any questions about anything to do with juice it was him they talked to .I joked with him all the time because he was going to school to be a physical therapist and i thought he should become a pharmacist thats how smart he was when it came to this stuff.If he went to the Dr. and they prescribed him something he never heard of he would be on the internet finding out about it whats in it the side effects all the compounds to make it up.He had alot of book smarts just not enough common sense when it came to the juice.It may be that after a while of juicing you throw common sense out the window because now your focused on whether or not your big enough.One of the phsychological effects is the body dysphormic disorder it can and does cause in most men its the reverse of anorexia "I cry about it now ,but i laughed about it then when he would come home from the gym all swole and look in the mirror and say i think i'm getting smaller !My response would be {i think you have BIGOREXIA i never knew there was a real disorder known as bigorexia"} If only i had i would have run him to the nearest physchologist office and got him some help 2 1/2 years ago when we first met.It really is a shame that more people don't talk about the use of steroids unless it has to do with pro athletes when there are everyday people dying out here just as well as the wealthy.I'v found several sites recently that talk about teenagers killing themselves when on the juice one in particular is a 17 yr old highschool boy named i think Todd Hooten they've created a foundation for him and his father trys to speak at the high school level since juicing has become popular among our youth of today.D.M. first started researching juice at 18 in high school before he graduated and went into the ARMY.We have to get to the youth of today before they cause lifelong consequences that can't be undone and may result in death like that of My D.M..Some guys who use don't have all of the side effects:like roid rage D.M. never had any outburst of anger ever the whole time we've been together he was always gentle and kind but very emotional he wore his heart on his sleave people could hurt his feelings very easily and that would throw him into a bout of depression that would last for days and sometimes weeks.I was aproached tonite by a friend who had just found out what happened and we were talking about the juice and he said yeah i started cycling and all of the sudden i started to have these flu like symptoms nite sweats fever simply like the flu he said after a week or so he quit the juice and started feeling better,I told him that was weird because the same thing happened to D.M. about 8 months ago and thats when he quit everything like i said before except for test and that day in May when he used the clenbuterol.He said he had been on juice so long that if he didn't use test his testosterone levels would be zero and we would have no sex life at all,the sex life didn't matter to me of course because like i told him if your dead and gone i won't have one anyways so i would much rather have you here and no sex than gone and no sex!But he was a man and that pride just wouldn't let him let go of everything completely.It's really strange they locked me off of some of his boards because i was letting my feelings known and thats o.k. at least i got through to a few of them before being locked out:I made it perfectly clear that when three out of the five guys who started a bodybuilding forum have died from either heart attacks or cancer and were all on juice it wasn't just a coincidence Its God yelling at you to be happy with the person you are Because life is to short to worry about outward appearances working out is one thing but taking it to another level is killing alot of people.The proof is there you just have to be willing and open minded enough to accept the facts and the facts are who cares how big you are when your dead and gone are the guys in the gym gonna be talking about the big DEAD swole guy or the one next to them thats probably juicing as well whos living for "right now".Does a person whos around 29in. across squeezed into a 26 in. casket really look all that good no he looks uncomfortable but like he's posing one last time ! Thank you Matt for your correspondence and i look forward to hearing from you soon and if you feel the need to publish anything i've written to you,you go right ahead you'll be my venue to possibly keep someone elses family from experiencing the pain i'm going through God Bless You and Thanks again for responding to me.
P.M PS - Matt the 17 year old i was talking about is name Taylor Hoonton theres a foundation started for him maybe you've heard about him as well i just wanted to get his name correct

Hi again P.M.,

I read your e-mail.

Nobody should be abusing steroids. Some people shouldn't even be using. It depends on the person. I look at steroids like McDonald's - you should avoid it!! But a little isn't all that bad. No scientific research has proven that.

Roid rage is also a myth. Again, there is no scientific evidence.

I do think steroids affected your husband's condition. But I also think you're using steroids as a scapegoat a little bit. When someone commits suicide, you can't blame steroids. There is more to it than that. Being a Psychology degree holder, I'm aware of bigorexia, and steroids aggravate this no doubt, but the initial problem is mental.

Which boards did you get kicked off of?

Also, Todd Ganci from is full of crap! He said himself he was sleeping in a chair when he was on steroids! Was it the steroids that caused him to completely ignore his pain and seek help? It was his own neglect and self abusive stupidity which caused that! Any smart person would stop when they notice symptoms.

Steroids are not the enemy anymore than McDonald's are the enemy.

47% of people die of heart attacks. How often do you hear people blaming the fast food industry? You can't because it isn't socially acceptable to do so. So why is it fair to blame steroids?

- Matt

Hey Matt its me again, I know that there are some people that would prefer to use something as a scapegoat to make them feel better about the death of a loved one;but i'm not one of them .At first when D.M. and i got together he thought i would object about his steroid use he really didn't talk to me much about it then one day i openly started asking questions about the risk only because i had fallen in love with this man and i wanted to know everything about his life.I didn't care that he was using as long as it was safe;"safe" i did believe at one point that one could safely use steroids thats the truth BUT now that this growing epidemic among users dying from whatever the circumstances may be it just to overwhelming not to believe that juice is playing a big role in peoples deaths these days i'm sure i told you this earlier and if i repeat myself i'm sorry . Two really good friends of ours who have been juicing about as long as D.M. one of which is 33 now has colon cancer,the other who is 24 has prostate cancer now up until recently they all have been healthy as a horse but now My D.M. and all of his friends are dying all of whom have been juicing for the same period of time.Like i said before i've been reading to much lately about the deaths of people and steroids maybe its coincidental maybe not .I just mainly want people to be aware of consequences one may have from prolong use thats all.

I most definately think the ephedrine played a huge role in D.M.'s death as well its a combination of alot of things rolled into one.He was also on a high protein diet and taking these protein shakes daily; the first time at the hospital they said that D.M. had to much protein enzymes in his kidneys .I also think like i said that once he started getting bigger he would look around the gym and say am i bigger than him and of course he always was but he never thought so once he started seeing the gains from the steroids he just couldn't get big enough.

I told him often that it didn't matter how big or small he was that i loved him for being a great,kind and gentle man for my husband before D.M. was very abusive and it was D.M.s gentleness that won my heart.When he lost about fifteen pounds in the hospital most of course was like water weight he never looked better He was georgeous,I've always been attracted to big guys and he was a big one,but now when i look at the big guys all around all i can think is are they healthy.I mean come on 24 is to young to die from a heart attack unless of course your out in the heat all day and have had a heatstroke or something,but a guy who goes to school and to work in a physical therapy office to have a heart attack at 24 you tend to search for an answer and i've pretty much come to the conclusion of mine.Does it make my pain of losing him any less "No" but it does help my healing process .I can promise this once you look into the face of death of the person who you thought you would spend the rest of your life with and theres nothing you can do {you can try like i did but your helpless} it makes you want to reach out to those who may listen so their loved ones don't suffer like i am.It's something i'll think about everynite before i lay down in our bed and every morning i wake up without his big arms around me.D.M.s use of steroids is killing me as well I can't stand to wake up one day without him but i go on living because i have three kids from my previous marriage.Another thing i think is so hard for me is that we often talked about growing older together see i'm 34 that of course would make D.M. 10 yrs younger than i, so i never considered having to bury him first,and especially this soon.
- P.M.

Take care,

Matt Canning

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