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Syntrax Fyre Review By Dave

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The Claim:

Stimulates Every Major Fat Burning Metabolic Process In The Body! What is Fyre™? Fyre is a premium, 100% natural fat burner that is designed to assist a person's fat loss goals in a safe, healthy manner. Why is Fyre™ special? The most striking characteristic about Fyre™ is that it is a truly effective fat burner that is completely natural and safe.

I wouldn't recommend using any supplement long-term (with the exception of protein supplements and other forms of food), regardless of how "natural" and "healthy" it may be. For one, your body adapts to the supplement over a certain period of time. In other words, this habitual use of the same supplement will cause the supplement to have effects which are less and less noticeable. Moreover, even so-called "healthy" supplements, can be unhealthy if used for long periods of time or in large dosages. I generally use caffeine based supplements for a period of 1-2 months, then I discontinue use. For supplements such as creatine, I generally will use it for a period of 1-3 months.

In the past, effective fat burners always came with the price of being more or less unhealthy-usually heart unhealthy.

I feel they go a bit far with this statement. The effective fat burner they're referring to is the traditional ECA (ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin) stack. This is a very effective stack for energy and weight loss. Ephedrine received some bad media and has been cursed as a heartbreaker and a life stealer. This undeserved hype has given the ECA stack a bad reputation. As a result, ephedrine is no longer available in fat burners. However, you're still able to buy ephedrine separate (in Canada for sure, I'm not sure about the United States), along with caffeine and aspirin too. This combination is likely the best fat burning stack you will find. Furthermore, it's a cheap alternative.

Every ingredient in Fyre™ is extracted from specific herbs and standardized for particular active ingredients. The fat loss technology in Fyre™ is also of a proven nature and is designed to affect multiple areas of a person's metabolism that are involved in fat loss and storage. Fyre™ also has a pleasantly stimulating and energizing quality without excessive nervousness or jitters. This characteristic is important to give a person the energy needed to perform all of his daily activities and give him a positive outlook to aggressively face the day's challenges.

The "nervousness" and "jitters" associated with caffeine use usually only occur when you ingest too much. Caffeine tolerance varies between individuals. Syntrax Fire appears to have a moderate dose (it doesn't state specifically) of caffeine, and as such, it probably won't make you nervous or jittery.

Syntrax Fire uses what is called a "proprietary formula." In other words, they don't state how much of each ingredient is present within the supplement. I dislike supplements that do this because it's important to understand how much of each ingredient that you're ingesting.

I feel that Syntrax Fire's claim iss somewhat off-base because I disagree with some of the points they made. Therefore, for the claim, I award Syntrax Fire a 6/10.


Syntrax Fire's "pleasantly stimulating and energizing quality" was noticeable. However, it was far from intense. This is good in one sense but bad in another. It was good because I didn't feel like I was on speed and there wasn't much of a crash. However, this is bad because it didn't give a lot of extra workout energy. In other words, Syntrax Fire worked as a mild energy enhancer. Therefore, for effectiveness, I award Syntrax Fire a 7/10.

Overall Review:

Syntrax Fire was misleading in its serving size description. Syntrax Fire states the ingredients, which is normal, but instead of saying "this many ingredients are present in 1 capsule or 2 capsules", Syntrax Fire says the ingredients stated below are present in 1-2 capsules...WTF!?!? In other words, the ingredients present in each serving of Syntrax Fire is how much you'll find in either 1 or 2 capsules. Basically, they're stating that they aren't sure whether this is how much you'll find in 1 capsule or if the stated ingredients is how much you'll find in 2 capsules...mind boggling. Also, I was upset with the questionable statements in the claim. However, I found that Syntrax Fire was mildly effective. Therefore, for an overall review, I award Syntrax Fire a 6/10.

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Syntrax Fyre Syntrax Fyre - 120 Capsules
Retail Price: $49.99 Our Price: $31.49

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