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From Thinking About Steroids to Receiving Them... The Full Story Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by From Thinking About Steroids to Receiving Them... The Full Story

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From Thinking About Steroids to Receiving Them... The Full Story

This was recently posted on the Members Board, so is a totally current account of how it all happens, from contacting supplier, preparing cycle, ordering, paying etc. etc.


Here is a snippet from my journal over the last couple of weeks. I thought it might be of some assistance to some of the newbies.

So here I am trying to figure out what the heck to do...

On one hand I want to try gear and the benefits it gives but on the other I am worried about how to get it and the repercussions if I get caught with it. Do I just sack up and go for it or do I continue to frequent GNC and make  marginal gains and be satisfied with myself. 

I have a few close friends that I can make casual conversation with on this subject but my brother is probably the only person I confide in completely. This is a subject we have kicked around for many hours and never came up with a good solution. 

My wife is the most important person in the world to me. I would never do anything behind her back or without her knowing. 

I feel lucky that I am married to one of the most understanding and caring individuals that I know. When I told her that I was researching a cycle she was not in agreement but she knows that I am a person who will do what they want to do. I can honestly sit here right now and tell you if she did not want me to then I wouldnít but I am thankful that she is not that type of person. 

I wonít lie to you and tell you that it was easy. I was willing to explain in full detail the good and bad side of using steroids. 


Once the decision was made to try a cycle a few questions followed. What to do? Where to get them? etc... I utilized the information on along with searching medical textbooks and other websites. 

I can say without a doubt that is by far the best resource available. They have tons of information and the best Members Board on the Internet. I began researching and asking questions. 

The first thing I did was to post my statistics on the board and my goals of what I wanted to accomplish. I posted 6í2, 215lbs @ 10% body fat at 24 years old. 

I was involved in athletics in high school and made my way around a weight room a few times. I didnít get serious about lifting until college and for the last four years I have been a regular at the gym. 

In that time I put on roughly 30 lbs of lean muscle mass. I have eaten myself up to 245 lbs and down to 195 lbs. (The only reason I went below 200 lbs was for an Arm-Wrestling Competition that I was in.) 


Many of the Members quickly posted back suggestions and cycles. sustanon 250 and Deca were mentioned frequently along with sustanon and Equipoise. I used the site to research each steroid and came up with cycle, which was 
recommend by Psycho. 

Week 1-7---250mg sustanon---400mg of Deca
Week 8-----250mg sustanon---200mg of Deca
Week 9-11---------------50mg of clomid ED

Many others such as BigJim, Samson, Blackjack and Thick 1 and others chimed in with encouragement and advice. 

I wonít say that every one of them agreed completely but I understand differences in opinions and thought processes.


Now comes the hard part, where to get the gear. Since I had a seizure last year, ordering off the Internet wasnít the first thing that came to mind. 

I had a few friends around the gym but they were all pretty much like me and did not have access. 

I finally decided to go with XXXXXXX.... *(note from editor - the suppliers name has been removed) ....since he has the ability to ship from within the United States. I sent him an email and in three days he emailed me back with his website username and password. 

When I went to his website I was totally blown away. It was like shopping on a major website. I simply put in the quantity next to the gear and hit submit. It was very easy. 

HOW TO PAY...???

The next decision was which method of payment; I had the choice of Bank Transfer or Western Union. I really wasnít keen on giving somebody I didnít know my bank account # so I went with Western Union. 

I was instructed to pay 7% extra for using Western Union so my total came to $735.00 (I rounded up a couple of bucks).

So now I have submitted an order for 16 Redi-jects of sustanon 250, 2 bottles of Ttoyko Deca, 2 boxes of clomid and 2 boxes of Nolvadex. 

Now this order is twice as large as I need for my cycle but I decided to let my brother in on the exact same order. Since we had discussed so much of this and I also thought by bumping the $$$ amount up I might get better service. 

I used the Yellow Pages to find a place that had Western Union. I live in a somewhat small town and was a little nervous of being seen wiring money to Mexico. I had a good excuse in case somebody asked but I am glad nobody did. 

Besides who is actually going to believe that I have friend that went down there and ran out of money. 

The process was pretty painless, I had to fill out a paper telling them where I wanted my money to go and I used a fake name. 

They donít ask for ID so you can tell them anything. I did put my own address and telephone number down in case they had a problem and they could contact me. 

Remember itís not illegal to send money to Mexico. 

This process took about 15 minutes and cost $40.00. So now my total is at $775.00 with only half of it for my gear. 

I came home and logged on to the XXXXXXX website and went to complete my order. 

I had to enter my order # that I had printed off previously and the # from the Western Union wire transfer. I use an alias email address so that I donít have anything associated with my name and entered it in. 

After submitting I was told I would be contacted within 24-48 hours. Now itís a waiting game....


The wait is over!!

XXXXXXX came through with flying colors. I received my package with all of the contents, except for that key chain he promised. 

He through in one bottle of Deca 50 10ml and Revrofit-B 10 ml. 

Not really much to do with anything but it was a nice gesture. 

The package arrived by US Mail and the mailman left it on my front porch, which is not uncommon. 

It came in a cardboard box roughly the size of a size 10 shoebox and maybe a little taller. The contents was wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam peanuts protected it. 

Everything was there and I was happy. I plan on starting on Monday. 


I plan on keeping a weekly log of my progress if anyone is interested. Let me know what you think.

Posted by...
"bite off more than you can chew and chew like hell" 


Thanks to Mac, for sharing that with us all... hope you enjoyed the read.

Mac's whole story was a success because he took the troubleto become a Steroid Encyclopaedia member and get access to the information within the members section. 

There are an incredible amount of people who find themselves in the same situation, but don't have such a happy story to tell... These are the people who will try to do the same process without the protection and knowledge that a Steroid Encyclopaedia membership could have offered them.

From the Ultimate Guide to Anabolic Steroids,

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