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I remember my first cycle and how I kept waiting to feel the surge of strength and the
roid rage that I had heard went with this territory of Anabolic Steroids.

As it turned out I would experience no such rage or major surges due to the fact that
I was on an anabolic cycle rather than androgenic and I did not know that these AS
are much more tame in their manifestation.

I was very careful in the amounts that I did and I remember that I injected less than
the recommended dose per week as I was afraid of the side effects. I got some
results, but I also prematurely ended the cycle due to fear and was not able to
maximize my gains as a result.

I should add at this point that I have a medical condition called Hepatitis C and that
it came from IV drug use in my younger years.

I consider myself fortunate not to have contracted the more deadly virus of AIDS,
but the Hep C condition is something that I have had to learn to live with and to take
certain precautions with.

It has also taught me how incredibly resilient the body is, and specifically the liver.

I have had the condition since 1984 but only discovered it in 1995 due to some
bloodwork that I had done for a hefty life insurance policy.

Over the years I have had tons of blood work, a liver biopsy, sonograms, cat scans,
MRIs, and frequent visits to the doctor. This last visit I had my liver enzymes were
all normal except one and the doctor said that it was no more elevated than if I had
taken one stiff drink the night before.

My LDL cholesterol was 90 and my resting heart rate was 56 bpm. All other facets
of the blood work were normal and my LDL/HDL ratio was excellent.

That was about one year ago, and admittedly I am about due to go back in for
another checkup.

At that time though, I had just finished a moderately heavy cycle including some
orals. I had however been off the juice for about 4 weeks and was using a herb
blend called ESSIAC tea which is phenomenal in the way that it purifies the liver,
kidneys, spleen, and blood.

In the arena of Naturopathic medicine it is hailed as miraculous when treating cancer
and liver ailments of toxicity. Additionally, I stay on about 2000mg of Milk Thistle
per day year round.

When I tried conventional medicine they were not able to lower my hepatic
enzymes and wanted to use Interferon which had side effects that are worse than
the Hep C effects.

I refused that treatment and sought out a ND or Naturopathic Doctor who I could
be honest with about my usage and my condition.

Within 9 months all my liver levels were within the normal range and with no
side-effects such as those that I would have had with the Interferon. Ironically, just
like in the case of steroids our Government is also always laying the heavy hand
on this area of supplements as well.

Herbal medicine in the past couple of years has come under heavy attack by FDA
and others. They have even begun to irradiate the herbs which reduces their

The point of the above story and the reason that I risk sharing it is to prove that in
many cases we can avoid what many believe to be the necessary side-effects of
using Anabolic Steroids.

Of all people, I should be especially prone to the side effects of AS since so many
of them originate in the liver functions. Yet even my cholesterol is not high four
weeks after a cycle.

I think that the reasons for this are varied but I will say that I am one of the careful
ones with respect to dosages.

In the beginning I used a rule of thumb where I absolutely would not let my overall
dosage go over 1000mg of total AS per week.

I now allow for up to 1500mg/week total due to the fact that I use 50mg proviron/day
on all my cycles and I count this in at 350mg/week. I then divide the rest up into
doses such as 400mg/deca/week; 350mg winny inject/week; and, 250-400mg

The type of steroid could be anything per se but the reader can see the philosophy
that I use in the way that I divide it up. I have never looked in the mirror in
disappointment after a cycle, or in the middle of a cycle.

These doses will never secure me a place in Muscle Mag but I have a lot less
anxiety about my health.

At 42 years old I think that it is also significant that I have no problems with
recovering energy and libido after my cycles. I use a very strict recovery cycle which
enlists the help of all the ancillary drugs ( I wrote about it a couple ezines ago) and
I also do the herbal cleansing at that time.

Additionally, I keep the cycle to a maximum of 15 weeks and lately have begun
experimenting with the 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off routine. I am sure that the
moderation in dosage and the disciplined amount of time on and off has made a
huge difference in my ability to return to normal functioning within a short period
of time.

I see more and more athletes or up and coming athletes who want to use steroids
after only a very brief period of time weight-training.

I have a bad feeling about this and will not hesitate to discourage it for one major
reason as well as other reasons.

At some point in my lifting...maybe 3 years into it....I really began to understand
the concept of instinct training. I had gotten in touch with my body and its workings
to the point that I could really tell what I needed to do and what to avoid; when I
needed more rest, more protein, more carbs, more water, less stress, and so on.

It was like a whole new dimension to my being and how I related to myself and to
my training. When I began juicing this was in place in me and I was able to have a
good gut feeling about the way I added this new aspect (Anabolic Steroids) into my
training and into my life.

They would not control me...I would control them.

Steroids make a great slave, but they are not a very kind master. I had seen
and lived enough in the way of addiction to know that I needed to live by my gut and
not let my mind rationalize me into abuse.

In the years that I have been juicing I have continued to live by this belief in myself
and to uphold to myself the values of long-term health and balance.

There have been times where I wanted to do an extreme-body cycle "just to see
what it would be like" because I have very good genetics and I know that I would
respond great.

As a recovering addict though, I also know that "one" of anything that I really get
off on has never been enough for me. I always will go back for more.

Therefore, having made my commitment to myself and to my health I continue to
listen to that instinct inside of me that tells me when "enough is enough".

In this game there will always be more of this or that or someone who is doing
something that made them get bigger. I needed to decide in advance what my
limitations would be.

Don't let ego rule or ruin you. Continue to train intelligently and to develop the voice
within you. And most importantly..."to thine own self be true".

In the circles of finance there is an expression which goes like this:

"A man will spend all his health trying to get wealth....
and later in life will spend all his wealth trying to get back his health."

I believe that this principle applies to many areas of life, including AS usage. We
are all trying to get a "wealth" of muscle, but let's not throw reason to the wind.

The body does have its limitations. Mega doses of AS, especially the androgenics
like Parabolon, D-bol, and Test can heavily tax the system and can even cause
kidney and liver damage/failure.

Don't slowly desensitize yourself to this fact. We all have goals but don't forget to
assess the price tag first.

God Bless, and Keep the Iron Brotherhood/Sisterhood Strong and Intelligent.

- Paul, Moderator

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