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Following on from last weeks article here's the second part
of "Steroids: How much is too much?" -- an outstanding article
from SE moderator Paul:

But before we get into the article check this out...

Take a look at this great quote I found from Arnie on the
'net the other day...

"We slept in trenches under the tanks until we were awakened
each morning at six. But I had another idea - my buddy and I
would get up at five, open the tool compartment of the tanks
where we stored our barbells, and exercise for an hour
before everyone else woke up. After we finished maneuvers
for the day, we would train for another hour. Finding the
time for your workouts is simply a matter of motivation plus

- Arnold Schwarzenegger



I love to Juice and watch the changes in my body and my
strength. I also love my two children.

I love to Juice and feel the extra vitality and libido
charging through my system. I also love my health.

I love to Juice and take my body and mind to new levels as I
bridge my genetic gap and experience new Highs both mentally
and physically. I also love my life to be manageable.

I love the incredible feeling of testosterone coursing
through my blood and springboarding me into new ideas and
attempts at things in my life. I also love my fiancee.

I love to order a cycle and be able to get everything I want
for the next 12 weeks. I also like to have money in the bank
and be able to take my kids on vacation.

I love the feeling of the package coming in the mail and
opening it up to all those goodies. I also love my freedom
from incarceration, probation, and legal fees.


I am an addiction counselor by profession and schooling and
I have written these above contrasts to help us evaluate
when something has become an addiction or at least a problem
in our lives.

Unmanageability is the key word here.

For every positive aspect of juicing in the above, there was
also a possible negative aspect if my usage should become
out of control.

In addiction counseling we use an axis of five life areas to
help people assess their usage. The same areas apply here as
well and have helped me to decide when I was getting out of

Area #1-- Relationships

Is my using affecting my relationships in a positive or
negative way. For myself I know that there have definitely
been times where I mistreated people in my life with
intolerance, impatience or the like due to high androgenic
levels in my body.

If you abuse others when cycling on your juice, you may want
to consider lowering the dosage or at least finding a good
person to talk to honestly about your unreasonableness.

I have also found prayer to work greatly with regard to
this, believe it or not. Also, your significant other
deserves to know that you are on the juice. This is my
opinion anyway. In my relationship it has helped us both
make sense of things when I was "out there" or being cocky,
or unreasonable/moody.

Area #2--Legal Issues

In order to break down denial with addicts counselors often
use the area of legal problems as a illustration. Has your
usage caused you legal problems that could have been

Unfortunately, in my country (the US) we cannot use any
juice without the threat of legal consequence.

However, we can control how much we order and therefore how
it is perceived it I get busted.

If I let greed come into play and begin buying and dealing
in quantity then I am going to get a felony charge if I get

Along with this will come hefty legal fees and embarrassment
if I have a family.

However, if I keep my orders and on hand supply to amounts
that would be easily explained as personal usage, then I
could possibly avoid prosecution beyond the level of a
citation or misdemeanor charge.

At the most I may have to endure probation, but most likely
could avoid jail time with personal usage amounts. This is
my speculation anyway.

I think that logic speaks to this, but the temptation is
always there to order extras and sell some off to cover the

Another reason that the government should legalize them...
they would be affordable to the average person as they are
in Mexico and other countries. In a way the government
actually creates the illegal activity that sometimes
surrounds steroids due to the black market prices and

Area #3--Finances

I am not a wealthy man and I have responsibilities that go
beyond just myself. I have to carefully allocate money for
each cycle and make sure that I don't deny things to my
children that they are deserving of in the process.

This is a fine line to walk and ultimately means that I have
to avoid some expenditures and luxuries in order to have my
hobby of bodybuilding.

It has also at times meant having results that were "good
enough" rather than extreme. Yet, my children, creditors,
and the like still got what they rightfully had coming to
them by me finding this balance and by sacrificing the extra
gains for that particular cycle.

If I have money problems or anxiety about money due to
steroid usage then I may want to look at this fact.

Area #4--Health

The first article regarding "How Much is Too Much" spoke
specifically to this area of our lives and this is the area
that most people probably think of the most when considering
AS usage.

The propaganda by our government in this area has been
severe to say the least. Fortunately new and contradictory
studies are beginning to outweigh the whitewash of Uncle Sam
as people continue to learn more about intelligent usage and
as we apply these concepts in increasingly progressive ways.

Ours is a pioneering group of souls you might say. We have
so much good information available to us which will help us
to go the distance in this sport and in supplementation.

Actually, what is available to us will make us better
citizens as we are more able to rise to the occasion of
things in our lives and to be better workers, husbands,
fathers, etc.

There is not a doubt in my mind that bodybuilding and AS
supplementation has been beneficial to not only myself, but
also to my family and employer.

This is not to deny the fact that there is abuse of AS.
Indeed, when I read of some of the doses that more
aggressive bodybuilders are using I have to ask myself "what
will the price tag be for such usage?" and do the goals
justify that price tag.

This of course is in the mind of every reasonable soul
especially early on in our usage.

Area #5--Morality/Spirituality

A final question is whether my usage is making me do things
that I normally would not do based on my moral or spiritual

This just asks the question "Am I being true to myself?" or
has the juice begun to make me behave in way that I would
not normally behave as.

An example of this for me was when I was having a hard time
being faithful to my girlfriend because I had so much test
coursing through my blood that I was fighting the urge to
hit on every little cute thing I met at school and in the

My girlfriend is pretty secure and began busting my balls
about my adolescent-like behavior. I had to admit that she
was right and could see how it was affecting us.

However, I did act-out once and it took quite a while for us
to mend the relationship. Fortunately for me she framed the
behavior mostly in terms of the juice and its influence on
the libido. Most men probably would not have gotten off so
lucky though.

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, there are certain
rules in the dating/marriage game, and AS use can definitely
test our devotion to these rules as well as our devotion to
our significant others.

There are other areas where values can be compromised due to
AS, but these vary for each of us, so the reader needs to be
the ultimate judge.

Anabolic Steroid usage is definitely on the rise and anybody
who denies that fact has their head in the proverbial sand.

As with any burgeoning field of interest, it is easy to get
swept away with the excitement and newness of it, and the
way that it adds quality changes to our lives. However, AS
usage deserves our respect as well as our admiration.

It is kind of like a Porche Targa Turbo. To the
inexperienced driver it could be a death trap, but to the
advanced driver it can be the ride of their life.

If you are having significant problems in one or more of the
above areas then you may want to alter your usage, or find
someone to talk to about how to bring it into control...
your control.

I am a counselor and therefore use other counselors who are
friends of mine to talk to when my inner life or outward
life gets unmanageable.

Life is not black or white and I do believe that there is
balance in terms of AS usage. Find the balance, leave your
ego out of it, and live by your own values rather than
comparing yourself to others.

Strive for excellence through balance, and try to get
outside of yourself and more focused on others. These are
some of the things that have worked for me and that I
believe can help some of you as well.

- Paul, SE Moderator.


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