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Posted by blackhand on 07-20-2001 03:13 PM:


I was just reading some other posts about the feds and such... and a thought occurred to me...what if there was a drug that could say increase your IQ by 20 points on your first cycle, maybe a little less on your second...etc...would there be a govermnent sanction on it? Would the public swallow a ban on it?

I was considering why it is socially acceptable to cut the supply of something to make one STRONGER and MORE POWERFUL...and what the "ARISTOCRACY" in our society today is determined by....this sounds overly machoistic ...but are they protecting us from ourselves...or protecting "themselves" from "us"

yeah.. now that I think of it a society of slow..mentally sluggish, overweight sedentary types with BIIG monthly bills to pay probably makes the status quo powers a LOT less nervous....

waxing philosophical and destroying stereotypes....

[ 20 July 2001: Message edited by: blackhand ]

Posted by CHANGELING on 07-20-2001 04:29 PM:

Interesting thoughts. I concurr. Would you want a culture or even a sub-culture that was strong, lean, aggressive and intelligent roaming the public hiways and byways. If you wanted to controll them that is. That's all this is about. This you can't hve this and you can't have that, it's bad for you and society brainwashing bullshit. And the argument that people that use the as are insecure and afraid is convuluted at best. The people that use this argument are the ones that are afraid and insecure....of us. We don't bother anyone, we don't kill or rob to get our drugs. No one losses property over the actual use of as. Maybe if they deal. Some people do wreck relationships, that's a fact!@ how many relationships and lives has alcohol and cigaretts ruined?

The other side is that the pharmaceutical companies have a choke hold on pats of the gov't. If it were "permissable" for us to use even under a dr's care then we could do exactly what we do now. Get our stuff from outside the us. No $ for the drug companies.

The gov't has brainwashed society as to the alleged downside of as use. Very few people(i'm sure a few have suffered...probably because of what they did not know rather than what they thought they did) get any side effects that are life threatening or non-reversible. It is total bunk.

The worst travesty of all is that the people that run customs or the dea or even the locals believe that hey are doing us a favor and keeping us safe. What they have been brainwashed not to see is that they are part of the control machine...they themselves under the greatest thumb of all...the federal gov't.

My rant for the week! Think about though! 

Posted by JOJO on 07-22-2001 07:07 PM:

Can I get a BUMP BUMP!!!!!!!! "8a70f0.jpg"

Posted by baddboyz on 07-23-2001 07:04 AM:

Why be average?

Posted by edward on 07-23-2001 09:12 PM:

Everyone knows how wealthy and powerful the pharmaceutical companies, electric power, oil tycoons are. It's just a matter of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It takes lots of money to make more, and through loop holes rich companies like Pepsi and Mobile don't pay a cent in taxes! The lobbies that go to Washington pay off the congressmen and senators in our government to ease restrictions on their businesses so they make a killing! Look at George W. Bush. He would rather polute our atmosphere and destroy our planets ozone layer to keep Americas business leaders making tons of money. And Richard Cheney, our vice president who is still being paid 86 million dollars a year running several oil companies!( He's still their CEO) All the wealthy have to do is pass some stupid laws restricting our freedoms (like AS use) and the "law abiding" crowd will follow. They"ll say" it's the law so it must be right". "8a71a9.jpg"

Posted by BigJim77 on 07-24-2001 04:31 AM:

Lets start a new nation, we could call it The United Juice heads of the

Posted by JOJO on 07-24-2001 03:52 PM:

I second that motion BigJ..............Can I get a 3rd? All Hail to United Juice Heads of The World!
Hey one things for sure..........We could have the Strongest army in the Universe!


Posted by Zeus on 07-24-2001 04:41 PM:

Yes, A bunch of muscle-bound,bald guys with big tits, small balls and acne walking around running the country sounds great to me. I'll run for a seat on that senate.

If you think about it, our senate is almost like that already(minus the muscle-bound part).

United Juice-heads of the world UNITE!

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