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VPX NO Shotgun by Matt C.

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VPX NO Shotgun Review by Matt Canning

At the 2007 Mr. Olympia weekend, I collected samples of supplements from every booth there, and some full sized containers. In the interest of sampling as many nitric oxide products as possible, I got a few sample packs of "NO Shotgun" by VPX. I am a big fan of NO products for the reason that they are a placebo which actually do manifest a physical result in the gym through an improved pump and increased energy during your workout. Generally speaking, this does not result in muscle gains, since nitric oxide alone is not anabolic. What NO products do is give the user a psychological edge which will motivate them to continue to train and eat properly and that will result in improved gains. So I can't say that they are a traditional placebo which do nothing at all, but what I mean to say is that they are a placebo in that their benefits do not directly result in a gain, but do result in the motivation and inclination towards other behaviour which do indeed result in gains. VPX NO Shotgun does contain creatine ethyl ester which is an anabolic supplement. It also contains caffeine which somewhat contradicts the benefit of creatine as a muscle cell volumizer. That said, providing sufficient water is consumed, the diuretic effects of the caffeine will be compensated for while the creatine will be used appropriately for muscular hypertrophy over an extended period of us. Thirty days is a normal length for a creatine cycle.


I tried NO Shotgun and found the taste to be quite tolerable. For those of you who are unfamiliar with NO products in general, this is quite rare from my point of view. NO products have a distinct taste, and not a good one. It is nearly impossible for companies to offset this horrible taste, although some companies like BSN have done it well with products like NO XPLODE. In general, I will be the first to say that NO products taste horrible, but I found NO Shotgun to be one of the rare exceptions. I wouldn't define it as being delicious, but it was quite neutral, especially in comparison to virtually any other NO product. I drank it in water and found it pretty easy to drink.


VPX NO Shotgun mixed well in water when I simply put it in a bottle of water and shook it. I did notice some matter floating around at first and that was surprising but one should be mindful of the complex blend of ingredients in NO Shotgun, some of which does not dilute completely in the water. NO Shotgun has a varied matrix of ingredients and although it was surprising to see that not everything mixed perfectly at first, I can assume it was due to the 16 grams of protein per serving which I did not realize were present, as protein is obviously one of the less soluble ingredients in the blend. Otherwise, NO Shotgun did mix very well. It did not taste very grainy to drink, at least not to any degree worth pointing out. All in all, it passes this category.


Quite unlike SuperPump250 (or "SuperDump2Shitty" as some call it), NO Shotgun digested just fine and gave me no troublesome side effects, not in terms of digestibility or in any other area for that matter. I very rarely have trouble with any supplement, or any food for that matter, and NO Shotgun was no exception.


Although my diet has been alright lately, it has not been perfect, and I can pretty easily tell when a supplement improves my results in the gym. That was the case with NO Shotgun and I did notice an improved pump. Although it was not the best NO product I have taken, it was definitely acceptable in that it improved pumps and performance in the gym.

Overall Review:

From my one day review of NO Shotgun, I can definitely say that it is an effective pump inducing product. I would like to use it again to verify these results, although I am definitely inclined to believe that this description is an accurate one. I can say that it was not as good as my two favourite NO products which are MuscleTech NaNO Vapor and MuscleTech NaNOX9, but it is definitely a good product and one which I would like to try again. Given that it also contains creatine, glutamine, and protein, it is a blend which I would like to try for a whole month and see what the result will be. By all rights, it appears to be a very substantial product in my mind and worth testing once other factors such as cost effectiveness are taken into consideration. All in all, I am happy with the results of my one day trial of NO Shotgun by VPX.

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VPX NO Shotgun VPX NO Shotgun: 810 Grams
Retail Price: $69.89 Our Price: $44.89

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