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What brought you to SE? Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by What brought you to SE?

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Want to know why people join SE, and what they think of their membership... did they get the supplier info they wanted, they they find the support they needed to plan their cycles and achieve their goals?

Members can see the full post here:- What brought you to SE? (

Posted by Chokeu2:

What brought you to SE?

I am curious about the make up of the membership here. As we all know, this is a really diverse crowd. There are those with a great deal of experience, and there are those that are new. I am curious to know what other websites you guys frequent, and, or what brought you to SE.

Posted by JaderderR1:

I came to this site because I wanted to learn as much as I could about what I was going to put into my body. None of my friends are very athletic, and definetly do not understand aas so I had no one to really talk to about them. I figured who else would know better than a forum of people who are looking for the same info, and help.

Posted by Wedge:

I check out Max Performance Training... and sometimes I go to Freak's to check out the babe's section. (Yea, I know... I'm a pervert !) Spend most of my time here worrying most of you guys and gals. I figured after years of weighting 135 lbs and wearing a size 28 in britches... I'd start lifting a few weights. Then the weight lifting became an obsession. Then I wanted more. That's when I bought Mick Hart's Layman's Guide to Steroids. Mick suggest I come check out this site and the rest is history !!! Do you think Jim and Bigbrother will one day offer a lifetime membership? Sign me up if they do !!


Posted by trashman:

I joined for the supplier list. But because of all the priceless info I will be a lifetime member.

Posted by Ch4r1ie:

I just got back into the scene after a ten year layoff, so I was surfing the net for info and came across SE. I didn't sign-up then though, 'cause I thought it was too expensive. What can I say, I was naive!

I did sign-up with Mick Hart's 'No Bull' though, 'cause I used his 'Layman's Guide To Steroids' ten years ago.

Anyway, a short time later I got an email from Mick recommending SE and its suppliers list. So I joined up. Still naive, I only joined for a month at first, but what a month it's been... great advice from various members on the board and great gear. Needless to say, I just renewed my membership for 12 months!!


Posted by GreenHorney:

I joined for the same reasons many other poeple join. I was new to aas and wanted good advice from poeple who understand what it's like to be a newb and be clueless. I was like an information sponge soaking up every little bit of info I could get and this place had it all. I was also looking for a better route to aquiring aas other than blindly ordering from "" or getting busted from talking to someone at the gym about it. I also had been concerned about getting fakes and not sure who to trust. Everyone here put my fears at ease regarding ordering any getting legit products and now I can spend more time researching.

After getting my membership I can truely say it is well worth the cost and far exceeded my expectations. My hats off to everyone who has made it possible to have a site like this from the Mods to the members...Thanks

Posted by johnk:

Mick Hart's Board and this one. Originally joined this board for the supplier's list but decided to stay after I realized what a wealth of information was available from it's members. Decided if I was going to use AAS, I might as well learn enough to do it right. The board has been a real eye-opener.


Posted by Snowblind:

I joined for the suppliers list. I wanted to order as safely and discreetly as I could, plus I knew I would get real roidz. This board has a wealth of knowledge which was a bonus. I started reading a lot, and posted up my proposed cycle. I am glad that I read first and ordered later because I was just planning to order from a supplier and that was it.

I don't post here often or anywhere else for that matter. I find out most info I need from reading threads or by using the search feature. Some of the boards I read are: Bolex, Meso,, MassMonsterz, Fitnessgeared, and Steroidology. I visit other boards, but these are what I read most. Anyway, I don't regret my membership one bit, and will renew when the time comes.

Regards, Snowblind

Posted by centrlsk8:

i joined for the suppliers, but then found the message board and all the personalities here, member for life now. keep up the good work SE

Posted by womenrimmer:

Well, I kept seeing the advertisement at freakz, so I decided to give it a try. Glad i did too. Probably a lifer here now as well.

Posted by Uzisuicide:

I had a supplier, I joined for the information. I needed help on what to take and proper dosing.


Posted by Ton1333:

I joined for the supplier's list, but I am staying for life because I saw the vast amount of knowldge I could obtain in a very short amount of time, all from one place, while interacting with some very, intelligent, caring people.

Posted by Grunt0331:

I joined for the suppliers just like a lot of people. I don't know a whole lot about computers and I thought this was just going to be a big data base and etc. I had no idea that stuff like this existed on the net. I actually went to another site and was going to sign up at but something about the sign up page having to be printed out and mailed is just rubbed me the wrong way. So I looked around a little bit and found this site and now i am a member for life. Love the info and all the help. Yall ain't never gettin rid of me. As for web sites go check out and download some hard hitting MMA and Full contact fight vids.

Posted by gaugerbowls:

I joined cause I had signed up for Mick Hart's ezine and he kept promoting this site so I said what the heck. Joined for 1 month, got hooked and now im a lifer. Had suppliers already but limited info on how to use. Now I feel comfortable in my knowledge to be able to give others advice. what better thing to do at work than to spend all day at my desk reading threads.

Posted by JayJoeMar:

I got back into bodybuilding about two years ago after quitting years of alcohol and heroin abuse and put on about 80 lbs in a year, w/o juice. Then I got a computer and discovered the Internet and Mick Hart's No Bull Collection. Mick recommended this site and I checked it out for info on AAS. I've been renewing my membership since then -- and working on the next 80 lbs!

Posted by England:

I always believe you get what you pay for! I have checked out other free sites before and was not impressed. When I found SE - I never checked back with the free sites again - Besides do you really want advice from a 13 year old that has never done AAS. That what can happen on a free site!

You can say this is my home any from home.

Posted by KINGCHAOS:

I joined because Jeff Sumers is a fag!! And because I needed info, real info not the shit I was getting from the boys in the gym. I came here after I got a membership to but I sent the money through the mail with a money order. In the mean time I found this site use my CC and there you go. I think I was on anabolics twice and here I am to stay. I am on freakz also but that is about it. Between the 2 boards I get everything I need.

Posted by Dud121:

I came here with 2 bottles of vet Cyp. and the directions "inject 200mg a week for 8 weeks." Thats it. That advice just wasn't good enough for the inquisitive (i.e. didn't want to *%#$ myself up) type like myself. So after a weekend of searches I found SE, took the plunge for a 1 year membership and couldn't be happier with the decision.

It's scary, when I consider some of the advice I've gotten "off site." Theres a bunch of people running around out there, giving advice, and they don't know shit. Big bump to Southpaw, Sluggo and Bam Bam for their help and the SE site as a whole.

Posted by lordron1:

Currently I am frequenting 6 other web sites boards.I do feel that SE has some of the best people for advise in this business if you want to call it that. But once in awhile i have come across some indivdual on another board that really knows there stuff and when I do well then that makes it all worth it.

I got into weight lifting because I was born and raised in karate and was looking to improve on it. Then I got into roids to improve on my weight lifting. which it really has! I know I would not have made the progress i have if it where not for the guys and gals on this board.I would recommend this board to any newbie or advance user it would be my first choice.

Posted by rhaesche:

The reputation of this site drew me in. The security and solid advice, plus the overall attitude of the mods has kept me here.

Posted by mohammed:

Bough Mick's Laymans Guides I and II and was told SE was a top site checked it out and was every bit satsified told all me mates bout it, well chuffed

Posted by DoubleDiamonds:

Searched, got lucky and found this board.

Posted by Ch4r1ie:

Originally posted by JayJoeMar
I got back into bodybuilding about two years ago after quitting years of alcohol and heroin abuse and put on about 80 lbs in a year, w/o juice. Then I got a computer and discovered the Internet and Mick Hart's No Bull Collection. Mick recommended this site and I checked it out for info on AAS. I've been renewing my membership every month since then -- and working on the next 80 lbs!

I just wanted to say that the honesty in your post is seriously inspirational JayJoeMar! Keep up the good work and clean livin' man!

Posted by JN:

I joined to get as much research on aas as possible. I have been away from them for years. I needed the supplier list and all the advise of the members. Proud to be here


Posted by TATERHEAD:


Posted by danl:

Originally posted by DoubleDiamonds
Searched, got lucky and found this board.
Bump that, and I liked what I saw and all the good people ready to help. So I've stayed to learn more and help others.

Posted by inzane:

Read books, but not a member of any other boards. Didn't know anything about AAS except, that a guy I know who is a retired BB and is in his sixties with 24 inch guns and can incline bench over 400# told me that steroids were safe to use in moderation as long as you know what your doing. So I decided I needed to learn about steroids. Found SE through a search.


Sitting in college and did a search on steroids on google and out of a whole bunch of results picked this board. I remember there was a free discussion board at the time 3 years ago so i was on there for a bit then I signed on for a month and now im still here. I wonder what would have happened if i hadn't of found this board. Things happen for a reason - this board has been a huge gift for me. Classy and professional. It scares me to think what could have happened. I'm serious abou that to. I lucked out big time.

Next thing you know there asking who wants to be a VIP and since im the best looking guy on SE i got picked. Now if i could just get rid of Primo and the rest of the southerners it would perfect.

I'm also at freaks once in a while max performance bolex ripped canadians.

Posted by Adrenaline:

I found this place years and years ago thru a search engine. At that time there was less than 100 members. Shit i remember the days of Big Dan, and I've been here on and off ever since. A better site you could not find.

Posted by brew:

I found this site through a search and liked the feel of the forum, not to mention the suppliers list. Although it has been shrinking. Bought a months membership and liked it. Belong to four other boards, but I like this one the best. I also bought Mick Hart's books and found them full of information, but when Mick endorsed this site I knew it had to be good, so here I am ,reading, writing and learning everyday.

The rest of this post can be found here What brought you to SE?

So are you still not a member... why not take a closer look and join SE yourself?


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