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OK, but who is Mick Hart? Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by OK, but who is Mick Hart?

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OK, but who is Mick Hart?

An Extract from Mick Hart Interview...

"Question: What is the strangest thing you have seen in the gym/on stage/in a magazine?

Mick: Seeing an ampoule of testoviron pop out of a guys arse when he was squatting. Many years ago now, a guy, new to gear asked where he should put the shot - we told him - up his arse! He took it literally and as he squatted - out it came!"

In the previous page you heard me talk about Mick Hart's very hard hitting bodybuilding and steroid mag - the No Bull Collection. I also said that Mick has been contributing to this site as a writer for quite a few months now.

We even have a "Meet Mick Hart" page on the site. Even so I still get several emails asking more about him...

Well here's a unique Mick Hart Interview - courtesy of the No Bull. (Firstly I would like to thank "Mobster" from the Mick Hart Discussion Board for the interview...)

Right here goes... Mobster interviews Mick Hart... and offers Special Thanks to for inspiration. Note from Mick - 
This pic of me is NOT for wanking over!!

The No Bull Interview 
with: Mick Hart

1. When and where were you born?
Whitwell in Derbyshire, 1958. Father full Yugoslavia, Mother English. Dad was a bastard who hit her everyday - Mum was great and bruised every day!

2. Day Job
Publisher / writer.

3. Married/single/looking/kids?
Married, 4 kids - always looking!

4. Did you play sports in high school or college? If so, what were they?
Yes, Football (soccer), Rugby, Athletics

5. 'On' or 'Off' and either way why?
Played football (soccer) for school team - midfield, highlight for me was scoring from a corner! Rugby? Could have played for England but for the fact that I was absolute shit! Athletics? Competed a county level in Javelin and Discus. Running - total shit except when the police were (are) after me!

6. When did you start lifting weights and what was it that attracted you to the sport?
Started at about 14 - ish because I was always strong and hated team sports. Wanted to be the hero - stand out alone and be rewarded for my own achievements.

7. How often do you currently train?
At the moment, five days per week, one bodypart per workout ONLY with a smaller backup bodypart. Hit at min 15 sets - very low rest period - weight used not important - intensity is!

8. Where do you currently train (i.e., a gym, at home, etc.) and why?
My own gym below office, at the present with my son but in the main very much alone - all equipment available.

9. This is No Bull - what's the most bizarre thing you've seen or done sexually?
Wow! Ok here goes - total honesty - promise you wont laugh - yeah right! Two things really... Most of you will know that I had a bad accident a few years ago and smashed my face in losing most of my teeth. Sometime after I had arranged a "threesome" with a bird and her friend, got a bit drunk before we went up the stairs, when we went up we were totally pissed. I went down on the first girl to bite her minge, well sort of - stuck my tongue in where the "sun-don't-shine" and my bottom set of four teeth got stuck in her flaps! She didn't realize what had happened but I took them out, started laughing and that was it for me - i could not stop all night - laughing that is! I was well and truly fucked, well sort of. I had also had a silly cig - ask Strength what happens when Mick has a spliff! Oh by the way, I did fuck a duck! Well sort of, many years ago I was on back-pack walkabout around Britain and was sat in a park in London with a few mates - a duck came close, I necked it - and it was fucked! We ate it on a spit-roast by the side of the pond! Hee hee - gotcha but true!

10. Describe the toughest workout that you've done.
This has got to be many really - the last workout before competition on low carbs - hell!

11. Were/are you a competitive Olympic-style weightlifter or Powerlifter? If so, what are your best lifts and at what bodyweight(s)?
I originally trained as an Olympic lifter down south, did well at all lifts but never had a weight to compete at. Not really interesting to me.

12. Have you competed in bodybuilding? If so, give us your highlights.
Many times, and the highlights were completing each one - win or not. True highlights were and always are for me seeing my students lift MAJOR trophies - oh yes!

13. If you could change one thing in the Iron Game, what would it be?
Bad attitudes for cameraderie! Get the hard drugs out of the sport.

14. What is the biggest mistake you have made in your training?
Not really a mistake, but wishing I had the money years ago to go forward to the British Finals on several occasions. But in reality, not using the "visualisation" training approach to it's full advantage.

15. In your opinion, what is the biggest mistake made by most trainees?
Overtraining without doubt!

16. What periodicals other than the No Bull magazine do you regularly read in order to obtain information?
This IS NO BULL - I swear, the only other mag I read IS Muscle Mob and I swear to that on my life. On occasions AND ONLY occasions when I have advertised, MuscleMag - ONLY! The others do NOT interest me sorry!

17. Tell us something we wouldn't expect about you.
I absolutely, 100% HATE bullies. As school, early on, I was bullied badly - then I found a big stick and knocked the shit out of the school bully - things turned around then.

18. What do you like about the website and what don't you like (suggest improvements)?
The fact that it opens the doors to friendships that bear no boundaries. International becomes local. I DON'T like wank bag fuck up's that try to cause trouble - that really fucks me off! Oh by the way, I hate the bill each month!!

19. What is the strangest thing you have seen in the gym/on stage/in a magazine?
Seeing a ampoule of testoviron pop out of a guys arse when he was squatting. Many years ago now, a guy, new to gear asked where he should put the shot - we told him - up his arse! He took it literally and as he squatted - out it came!

20. Do you have any parting advice for our readers/anything you'd like to add?
If you can believe it; if you can see it in your minds eye - then you and only you can make it happen. Remember, a ladder is made to climb. Remember every rung and when you hit the top, you will have learnt the hard way. BUT the only thing that you can do when you get knocked on your arse - get up again!

God Bless,
Mick Hart
I remember my Fathers last words as if it were yesterday... FUCK ME A BUS !!

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